We now have the first At Guns available for the Germans.All available with 4 and 6 crew or to buy as Guns or crew separately.

WW2G40a Pak36 AT Gun (Gun Only) £6 

WW2G40b Pak36 AT Gun with 4 crew £10

WW2G40c  Pak36 AT Gun with 6 crew £12

WW2G40/41d  Pak36 AT Gun Crew( 4 Figs) £6

WW2G40/41e  Pak36 AT Gun Crew( 6 Figs) £8 
German 1/48 scale Pak36 37mm Anti Tank Gun with Stielgranate.

WW2G41a Pak36 AT Gun, Stielgranate (Gun Only) £6 

WW2G41b Pak36 AT Gun, Stielgranate  4 crew£10 

WW2G41c Pak36 AT Gun, Stielgranate  6 crew £12 
German 1/48 scale Pak40 75mm Anti Tank Gun.

WW2G43a Pak40 AT Gun (Gun Only) £10 

WW2G43b Pak40 AT Gun with 4 Crew £14 

WW2G43c Pak40 AT Gun with 4 Crew £16 

WW2G43d Pak40 AT Gun Crew(4 Crew) £6 

WW2G43e Pak40 AT Gun Crew(6 Crew) £8 
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