The Other Partizan

The Other Partizan Announcment

From the Show organisers

Richard, Laurence and Steve

We have today contacted everyone on our traders, gamers and other exhibitors list with this sad news, but we will, once again, be running a #PartizanintheCloud event on the day! More on that soon!

After having cancelled the May Partizan we have spent the early summer watching the news and trying to work out whether or not we are going to be in a position to run The Other Partizan in its new October slot.We had hoped that there might have been a sufficient return to ‘normality’ for us to go ahead with the show without restrictions but it is clear that, even if a vaccine is as advanced as we are hearing over the last few days, there is no way that it will be ready and distributed by October. A return to normality in any meaningful way by the time of the October show is just not realistic and it seems there will be no large scale indoor events going ahead for some while yet.We have also considered whether it would be possible to run the show in a socially distanced, safe manner which would allow us to go ahead but with various measures and restrictions in place. We have considered ticketed time slots and various other measures but in the end they would amount to limiting the numbers of people who could attend with a serious knock on effect for the traders. We also know that many of those who put on games do not yet feel sufficiently safe that they would be happy attending an indoor event with many hundreds of people present – and that is if we were even allowed to go ahead, something that is not the case at present.

So as we did with the May show we have decided to make a decision early to allow people, particularly those who make a living out of the show circuit, to plan accordingly.

We are therefore announcing that The Other Partizan 2020 is cancelled. All being well our next show will be Partizan 2021 which will be held at Newark Showground on May 23rd 2021.We also need to deal with the refund of traders fees for those who paid prior to the May show. When we offered to return the fees from the May show no one chose to take us up on the refund and all monies were transferred to payment for October. We do not feel that it is right to hold on to the money any longer now that the October show is cancelled and so will be arranging to return all monies as soon as possible. Since we still have a horribly archaic bank account, we will be doing this by posting you cheques and these should be with you within the next couple of weeks. Please note that a fair few traders had still not paid by the time of the May cancellation so obviously not everyone will be getting money back. We will be planning on holding another Partizan in the Cloud on 11th October – the last one was far more of a success than we had expected so we are keen to repeat it and improve on it. We hope we will have your support in this and we will contact you separately in a few days to see if you have ideas to make this another great virtual event! Thanks for your ongoing support with the shows and I hope we will see you all again next May.

Best wishes

Richard, Laurence and Steve

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