28mm resin movement tray

Resin Movement Trays released.

Resin Movement Trays released.

We’ve released the first few trays towards what will be a quite comprehensive range movement trays.

cavalry wedge resin movement tray

MT17 Cavalry Wedge Resin Movement Tray

All the trays are cast in resin and are textured around the edges. 

28mm resin movement trays

MT09 32 Figure Resin Movement Tray 8 x 4

Sizes are to fit infantry 20 x 20mm and cavalry 25 x 50mm bases. 

The masters  have been made using the same methods and materials as we have been using to create our own trays for many years which can be seen on many of the unit photos on the website..

More are available on the website HERE with more to follow.


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