Seleucid Army Deal 02

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Seleucid Army Deal 02

Seleucid Army Deal 02

3 Mounted Generals                                     Randomly selected from MSS56

1 Foot General                                              Randomly selected from MSS55

1 x 12 Companion Cavalry inc command.    MSS33,34

1 x 12 Light Cavalry (Scythians)                    SCY13,14,15

1 x 24 Hypaspists  inc Command                 MSS25 or 26 and 27

1 x 24 Macedonian Phalanx inc command.  MSS07,08

2 x 24 Seleucid Phalanx  inc command.       MSS09,10 

16 Thureophoroi inc command.                   MSS01,03

16 Javelin men                                              GRK26

8 Archers                                                      GRK29

1 Armoured Elephant and crew.                   EL I or J, Crew EL07

Saving 20% on RRP.

Shield decals available HERE also HERE.

A selection of MDF and Metal bases and Resin movement trays available HERE.


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