Romano British Arthurian Warband 01



Romano British (Arthurian) Warband A

This Romano British Warband includes the following figures.

1 x Mounted Warlord and Standard Bearer. RB01a

1 point of Mounted Commanipulares (Hearthguard) (4 figs) RB17a or RB17b

1 point  of Commanipulares (Hearthguard) on Foot (4 figs) RB11 or RB12

2 points of Pedyts (Warriors) on Foot (16 figs) Standing, Advancing or attacking. Choice of packs at our discretion to give maximum variation. Please state Standing, Advancing or Attacking.

All figures come complete with all weapons and shields. Shield Tranfers available HERE.

MDF bases included.

Infantry 25mm round and mounted 25 x 50mm rectagular.

For more figures suitable for this army visit HERE.


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