Romano British


Romano British

Dux Britanniarum Romano British

Warlord and standard bearer on foot – RB01

Chieftans 2 figures – RB04a

Champion – 1 figure from RB05a

Hearth guard, 6 figures,  Packs RB11, RB12 (8 figures total)

Warriors, 12 figures ,  3 packs from RB07a, 7b, 7c (12 figures in total.)

Levy, 18 figures ,  5 packs from RB06a, 6b, 6c (20 figures in total.)

Skirmishers 4 figures ,  Slingers RB14a, Archers RB15a, Javelins RB16a

Please state which skirmishers you would like.

All you need for a Romano British starter army. 

For tranfers to fit these shields use following from the Little Bigmen Studios page.

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