Price increase on selected items.

Due to continued metal price increases we will have to put the price up on selected items.
This is not a price increase across the board more of a rationalisation to bring the various ranges more into line with each other.
Starting during the coarse of April the following new prices will be implemented.
Weapons Packs.
Weapons, no change staying at £4
Shields will increase to £5 per pack of 20.
Shields with Javelins to £6 per pack of 20.
Medieval infantry packs
4 figure packs will become £5 inline with the Dark Age Arthurian range. Kingmaker will stay as it is for the time being.
ACW and Mexican-American War
All cavalry packs will become £12 for 4 mounted figures.

Unit and army deals etc will adjusted  to include the new prices. 

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