New Resin debris and shelters, bases and foliage added.

An assortment of new items added to the shopping cart this week.

New from Pocket Scenics.

Rubble and Debris set of 4 pieces. £10

4 pieces of rubble and debris.

Cast in resin. Large 110mm x 65mm. Small 70 x 35mm.

28mm rubble and debris

Anderson Shelters set of 3. £10

3 Anderson shelters in assorted stages of completion.

Cast in resin.

Each shelter is aproximately 60 mm wide x 60 mm deep x 30mm high. 

28mm ww2 Anderson Shelters set

Facebook page HERE.

New round HDF Bases from Battle Flag.

40mm x 12 £2.25

50mm x 10 £2.25

60mm x 8 £2.25

Available HERE.


Tree Foliage by Javis Manufacturing.

Javis Light Green Tree Foliage

Light Green £2.00

Mid Green £2.00

Dark Green £2.00

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