28mm ww2 german Kubelwagen with driver and 3 passengers.

New German Kubel Wagens

WW2 German Vehicles.

Kubelwagen 4 vehicles

The first of our new  vehicles for the German Army of WW2.

These are 1/48 scale and are cast in resin and metal. Each vehicle comes complete with driver and crew where appropriate.

Designed to match our existing Russian vehicles and other Die cast models.

WW2V03a Kubel Wagen with Driver £12.50

WW2GV03a Kubel wagen front 1


WW2V03b Kubel Wagen with driver and Officer £12.50WW2GV03b Kubel wagen   front

WW2V03c Kubel Wagen with driver and 3 passengers £15.00WW2GV03c  Kubel wagen  4 crew front

WW2GV04 Covered Kubel wagen £10.WW2GV04 Covered Kubel wagen front

There will be more crew options available soon along with 3 variations on the Opel Blitz truck.

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