Macedonian Successors v’s Classical Indian game using War and Conquest rules.

We had a small game before Christmas just to get back into the rules. Must be about 2 years since we last played them.

The forces weren’t pointed up so the Indians were probably down on numbers to face the Successors.

All figures are by 1st Corps from the Macedonian Successor and Classical Indian Ranges.

Intial deployment.
Indian spearmen photo opportunity.
Successor Phalanx screened by skirmishers.
Successors cavalry surge forward while Indian javelin stand by in the woods.
The Phalanx begins to advance.
The Indians patiently wait for the onslaught while trying to slow the Phalanx down with massed archery.
The gap closes with little impact on the Phalanx by the archery. Porr dice rolling along the line.
The Indians manage to win initiative getting off 2 rounds of shooting before the Phalanx can close. But fail to stop the advance.
Crunch time, the Phalanx charge home. The poorly armoured Indians give way. Even the 2 handed swords didn’t stem the tide.
The indian centre breaks.
The final phase as the Indians are swept from the field.

An enjoyable game even if i did get a sound thrashing as the Indians. Need to match the points up for the next game, Possibly Elephants and chariots are needed. The archers could also be made upto 32 figures instead of 24 to give them most shots.

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