Felttner FL282 Helicopter.

Felttner FL282 Helicopter.

Felttner FL282. “Hummingbird” (kolibri)

Felttner FL282. “Hummingbird” (kolibri) First use 1941 full operational by 43. Used in the Baltic, Aegean, and Med. Possible escape aircraft ( rumoured) of the Nazi Karl Hanke from Breslau in April 45. when the Russians surrounded the city.

 Ideal for an alternative artillery spotter, Pulp games, and of course the Eagle has Landed. ( it’s a late 1950’s one in the movie not a WW2 one.) Or simply as an escape vehicle/ objective in games.

Body cast in resin, parts cast in metal.

Supplied un assembled and unpainted.

Model by Mark Fuller.

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