A11 Matilda MKIa Infantry Tank
A11 Matilda MKIa Infantry Tank

2 versions of the A11 Matilda MKI Infantry tank are now available.

2 Variants were produced early and late production models. Both were armed with either the Vickers .303 or Vickers .50 machine gun.

Both saw service with the BEF in France during 1940.

This is a resin and metal model.

Body and turret are cast in resin.

Tracks, hatches, lights etc.

We now have the first 8 packs of the ECW cavalry available.

All wearing Lobster Pot helmets, Buff Coat, Buff Coat with Back and Breast Plate, with Swords, Pistols Standing/Walking or Galloping horses.

Command and Troopers in various head gear to follow.

28mm Ecw cavalry
Buff Coat, Lobster Pot Helmet.

Check them out HERE.

We now have the first At Guns available for the Germans.All available with 4 and 6 crew or to buy as Guns or crew separately.

WW2G40a Pak36 AT Gun (Gun Only) £6 

WW2G40b Pak36 AT Gun with 4 crew £10

WW2G40c  Pak36 AT Gun with 6 crew £12

WW2G40/41d  Pak36 AT Gun Crew( 4 Figs) £6

WW2G40/41e  Pak36 AT Gun Crew( 6 Figs) £8 
German 1/48 scale Pak36 37mm Anti Tank Gun with Stielgranate.

WW2G41a Pak36 AT Gun, Stielgranate (Gun Only) £6 

WW2G41b Pak36 AT Gun, Stielgranate  4 crew£10 

WW2G41c Pak36 AT Gun, Stielgranate  6 crew £12 
German 1/48 scale Pak40 75mm Anti Tank Gun.

WW2G43a Pak40 AT Gun (Gun Only) £10 

WW2G43b Pak40 AT Gun with 4 Crew £14 

WW2G43c Pak40 AT Gun with 4 Crew £16 

WW2G43d Pak40 AT Gun Crew(4 Crew) £6 

WW2G43e Pak40 AT Gun Crew(6 Crew) £8 

We now have the first of our new 1/48 scale Anti Tank Guns available.

Starting with the Russian Zis2 57mm and Zis3 76.2mm Anti Tank Guns.

Crews will be available soon.

Next in line are German Pak36 and Pak40 Guns.

1/48 zis3 76.2mm anti tank gun
Zis3 76.2mm AT Gun.

1/48 zis2 57mm anti tank gun
Zis2 57mm AT Gun

New Payment Method added to the shopping cart.
We have added a new payment method for those not wishing to use Paypal.
Payments can now be made by Credit card using Stripe Payments.

Late Medieval War Wagons updated.

They are now available to buy without horses. Follow the link HERE.

28mm medieval hussite war wagon
Artillery Wagon

28mm medieval hussite war wagon
28mm medieval hussite war wagon

1/48 Universal Carriers.

The first of a range of Universal Carriers are now available in the shopping cart.

MKII Universal Carrier 1a £16

28mm 1/48 Universal carrier Bren Gun


MKII Universal Carrier Vickers MG 02a £16

28mm 1/48 Universal carrier Vickers Machine Gun

Eventually to cover all the main variants and probably a few of the less popular too.

Pictish 1pt packs suitabale for Saga added.

28mm pictish scotti saga warband

I’ve added 1pt packs for the Picts which are suitable for Saga.

Available HERE.

I’ll be adding Early Saxon and Romano British over the next few days and then move onto figures suitable for the Crescent and Cross.

New Resin debris and shelters, bases and foliage added.

An assortment of new items added to the shopping cart this week.

New from Pocket Scenics.

Rubble and Debris set of 4 pieces. £10

4 pieces of rubble and debris.

Cast in resin. Large 110mm x 65mm. Small 70 x 35mm.

28mm rubble and debris

Anderson Shelters set of 3. £10

3 Anderson shelters in assorted stages of completion.

Cast in resin.

Each shelter is aproximately 60 mm wide x 60 mm deep x 30mm high. 

28mm ww2 Anderson Shelters set

Facebook page HERE.

New round HDF Bases from Battle Flag.

40mm x 12 £2.25

50mm x 10 £2.25

60mm x 8 £2.25

Available HERE.


Tree Foliage by Javis Manufacturing.

Javis Light Green Tree Foliage

Light Green £2.00

Mid Green £2.00

Dark Green £2.00

Thracian Warriors with Rhomphia added to the site.

We’ve added 2 new packs of Thracian Warriors with Rhomphia to the site

TH09 Thracian Warriors with Rhomphia, Small Shields wearing Cloaks.

TH10 Thracian Warriors with Rhomphia,  Shields wearing Cloaks.

Each pack contains 8 Thracian warriors with Rhomphia and shields wearing cloaks.


28mm late medieval hussite miniatures

Late Medieval Kingmaker Miniatures infantry packs re organised.

Late Medieval Kingmaker Miniatures infantry packs re organised.

Infantry packs in the 28mm Late Medieval range formerly released by Kingmaker Miniatures as Hussites have now been re organised.

They are now available in 4 figure packs for £5 instead of the 8 figures for £8. This brings them into line with our other medieval miniatures.

New additions to the C20th Follies range now available.

New C20thFollies20 swamp boat £24.

Supplied unpainted.

This is a resin and metal kit.

Some assembly required.

135mm long  x 45mm wide x 60mm high.

28mm swamp boat

New C20th Follies packs.

Left to right,

C20thFollies17 Chinese Big Choppa’s  £6.

C20thFollies19 Adventurers 3 £6

C20thFollies18 Chinese Officer with Guards. £6




The Pre orders option has now been fixed. It should now be possible to order multiple items on 1 order instead of individual orders as was the case previousley. 

There are now a selection of discounted units deals available. More images to follow showing the figures contained in the units. 

First packs of 28mm ECW now available to pre-order.

28mm english civil war artillery crew

The first packs towards the new 28mm ECW range are now available to pre order.

Currently we have artillery pieces and crews, pikemen in helmets and pike and shot in bonnet.

28mm english civil warunarmoured pikemen wearing bonnet.

Next week we will have more pike and shot wearing Montero Cap, Monmouth Hats and Brimmed Hats.These will be closely followed by the command packs. 

We will have approximately 54 packs available by Salute.

All will be available at Salute .

ACW marching and right shoulder shift unit photos added.

I’ve updated the unit photos for the American Civil War units marching and right shoulder shift packs.

Also added to the ACW gallery page and gallery for the Confederate brigade deal.


Macedonian Successor Army Deals added.

A selection of Macedonian Successor Army Deals have now been added to the relevant category on the website HERE.28mm ptolemaic egyptian macedonian successor phalangites

There are 3 options available for Bactrian, Ptolemaic Egyptian and Seleucid Armies. 

More will be added later.


28mm late medieval hussite





Late Medieval Hussite Army Deals updated

Late Medieval Hussite Army Deals

The existing army deals for  the Late Medieval Hussites have now been updated and added to the Late Medieval page on the website.

More army deals will be added to the  Late Medieval range soon.

Ancients Army Deals updated

Ancients Army Deals 

The existing army deals for  the ancient ranges have now been updated and added to the relevant pages on the website.

More army deals will be added to the ranges that don’t currently have them soon.


28mm soviet kv1 kv2 and t70 tanks

The images for the Soviet WW2 T70, KV2 and the 3 KV1 variants have now been updated in the catalogue pages.

28mm T70 Russian Light TAnk 28mm ww2 soviet KV2 28mm ww2 kv2 soviet tank 28mm ww2 soviet kv1 tank 28mm ww2 soviet kv1 tank

Available to purchase HERE


Website update: Check out as ‘Guest’ fixed.

Just a quick update.

Payment can now be made as a ‘Guest’ so no need to have a PayPal account.Website update: Check out as guest fixed.

Almost like waiting for a London bus…we have 3 new vehicles available.

WW1V19 5T Holt Tractor. £18

ww1 5T Holt Tractor

C20th Follies 14 The Twins in 4 Wheel Speedster. £18

twins in 4 wheeled speedster

C20th Follies13  4 Wheel Speedster with Top Up. £16

We’ve got 3 new packs towards our Ancient Thracian range no available.

 TH13 Thracian Light Cavalry. 4 mounted figures £10Thracian light cavalry with javelins.

TH04 Thracian Warrior Command 2. 4 figures £5

Thracian warrior command

TH03 Thracian Warrior Command 1, 4 figures £5

Thracian Warrior Command

Close up of the standards.

We also have shield transfers by Little Bigmen Studios available to go with the figures HERE.

small thracian shield transfersThracian shield transfers

Resin Movement Trays released.

We’ve released the first few trays towards what will be a quite comprehensive range movement trays.

cavalry wedge resin movement tray

MT17 Cavalry Wedge Resin Movement Tray

All the trays are cast in resin and are textured around the edges. 

28mm resin movement trays

MT09 32 Figure Resin Movement Tray 8 x 4

Sizes are to fit infantry 20 x 20mm and cavalry 25 x 50mm bases. 

The masters  have been made using the same methods and materials as we have been using to create our own trays for many years which can be seen on many of the unit photos on the website..

More are available on the website HERE with more to follow.



Romano British Commanipulares Command and unit pack released.

To complete the Romano British heavy cavalry , we now have the command available.

RB18 Commanipulares Command and the  12 figure unit pack RBU06.




Dux Britinarrium starter armies now moved to the Dark Ages section rather than in ‘Deals’.
Prices have been updated as they weren’t showing the 10% discount.













We now have characters for the Arthurian period ready. Just in time for release at Partizan on Sunday 21st May.

RB03a King Arthur and standard. £8           ES03a Horsa and Hengest £5

ES01 Saxon Chieftan and Standard £8         RB23 Merlin £2.50

LR01 Aetius ‘The last Roman’ £12

These and all the Medieval Characters will be available at Partizan on Sunday 21st May.

Due to continued metal price increases we will have to put the price up on selected items.
This is not a price increase across the board more of a rationalisation to bring the various ranges more into line with each other.
Starting during the coarse of April the following new prices will be implemented.
Weapons Packs.
Weapons, no change staying at £4
Shields will increase to £5 per pack of 20.
Shields with Javelins to £6 per pack of 20.
Medieval infantry packs
4 figure packs will become £5 inline with the Dark Age Arthurian range. Kingmaker will stay as it is for the time being.
ACW and Mexican-American War
All cavalry packs will become £12 for 4 mounted figures.

Unit and army deals etc will adjusted  to include the new prices. 













We have 2 new releases to our Medieval range available.

ME68 2 handed polearm men wearing Chainmail and assorted kettle helms. £5 

ME68a  2 handed polearm men wearing Chainmail and assorted Nasal Bar and skull cap helmets. £5  


Please note there will be a price increase on the Medieval infantry packs rolled out during April. All infantry packs will be increased to £5.

Lots of new additions to the Medieval range in the pipeline.

2 new packs of Early Saxons are now available in the shopping cart.

ES10c Veteran Warriors.


ES12c Veteran Warriors.

We now have 2 new packs towards the WW2 range available in the shop.

WW2J09 Casualties 8    resin figures £5

WW2G/FJ05 Casualties , 8 resin figures £5

More new WW2 releases soon.


We have 2 new Romano British Character sets available.








Rb01a Warlord and Standard Bearer (mounted). HERE


RB02a Vortigern and Standard Bearer (mounted) HERE.


More new release inc Characters  to follow soon. 


Now available.

Airborne drop markers and supply dump. Ideal as objective markers, jump off points or just as dressing for your table.

Airborne supply dump.

British Airborne Supply Dump Marker


 British Airborne Supply Dump marker.

Base measures 75mm and is cast in resin.

Available HERE

British Airborne Drop Markers

British Airborne drop markers.


2 British Airborne drop markers.

Drop Marker with panels and  baskets etc.

Don’t Drop Marker with panels and wrecked jeep.

Each base measures 75mm and is cast in resin.

Available HERE.

We’ll be releasing some new resin items at Vapnartak .


New for Vapnartak.

WW2BP18 British Airborne Drop Markers. £8

2 British Airborne drop markers.

Drop Marker with panels and  baskets etc.

Don’t Drop Marker with panels and wrecked jeep.

Each base measures 75mm and is cast in resin.

WW2BP19 British Airborne Supply Dump £8

 British Airborne Supply Dump markers.

Base measures 75mm and is cast in resin.

Also new will be casualty figures for WW2 Japanese and German Paratroops.

These images show the masters, the production models will be cast in resin at £5 for 8 figures.

Remember to pre order if you want to collect any items at Vapnartak to receive a 10% discount.

Discount not applicable to army and village deals etc.



WW2 German Vehicles.

Kubelwagen 4 vehicles

The first of our new  vehicles for the German Army of WW2.

These are 1/48 scale and are cast in resin and metal. Each vehicle comes complete with driver and crew where appropriate.

Designed to match our existing Russian vehicles and other Die cast models.

WW2V03a Kubel Wagen with Driver £12.50

WW2GV03a Kubel wagen front 1


WW2V03b Kubel Wagen with driver and Officer £12.50WW2GV03b Kubel wagen   front

WW2V03c Kubel Wagen with driver and 3 passengers £15.00WW2GV03c  Kubel wagen  4 crew front

WW2GV04 Covered Kubel wagen £10.WW2GV04 Covered Kubel wagen front

There will be more crew options available soon along with 3 variations on the Opel Blitz truck.

I’ve updated some of the American Civil War products.

ACA04 Accessories. This product has become obsolete so has been broken down into its component parts.

ACA04 now consists of 12 pieces of Battlefield Debris for £4. These are now cast in resin.


The Dead horse is now available as ACA09 and has 4 Dead Horses for £8 also cast in resin.


The Servant carrying baggage is available individually as ACA03h for £1.50.


Also now available as Character sets are the Union (ACA12) Characters

ACA12 Union Characters

and Confederate(ACA13) Characters.

ACA13 Confederate Characters


More updates on new releases soon.


The WW2 German Casualties  are now available again.
We’ve made 2 packs incorporating the original figures.

WW2G Casualties 01 £8

This pack contains 8 casualty figures.

2 walking  (Metal)
2 sitting (Metal)
4 laying down (Resin)

WW2G13b Casualties  laying £5
Contains 8 casualties cast in resin.

All figures are supplied unpainted.