BEF Anti Tank Gun crews. The crews for the Hotchkiss 25mm and QF 2 pdr are now available. These are available as crew only in packs of 4 and 6 figures and also supplied with the Anti Tank Gun.

As well as up dating many of the BEF photos we have added a few new codes.

We now have 28mm vehicle crew/passengers available for the 1/48 Protz tow and transport.

The figures are designed to fit our 1/48 protz vehicles but with some alteration could be made to other makes. Kubel wagen crew/passengers will be next.

Crew for Krupp Protz Artillery Tow KFZ69
Crew for Krupp Protz Artillery Tow KFZ69
28mm Crew for Krupp Protz Troop Transport KFZ70
28mm Crew for Krupp Protz Troop Transport KFZ70
28mm Vehicle drivers and mate.
Vehicle drivers and mate.

Just added to the Burmese/Thai South East Asian range.

Two new products for the WW2 Germans. MG34 and 42 with 4 crew available HERE..

  • MG42 on Tripod Mount with 4 crew.
  • MG34 on Tripod Mount with 4 crew.
  • MG34 on Tripod Mount with 4 crew.

We now have Early Imperial Roman Legionaries wearing Lorica Segmentata available.

These are long overdue but are essential to complete the range.

8 figures supplement packs and 24 figure packs are now in the webshop.

  • Legionaries attacking with Pilum and rectangular scutum
  • Legionaries attacking with Pilum and rectangular scutum
  • Legionaries attacking with Gladius and rectangular scutum
  • Legionaries attacking with Gladius and rectangular scutum

The 1/48 Hotchkiss 25mm AT Gun along with towed and deployed versions of the QF 2pdr AT Gun are now available in the BEF section.

We’ll be working on crews next.

2 versions of the Light Utility car are now available in the Home Front section.

Light Utility Car with Civilian crew
Light Utility Car with Civilian crew
Light Utility Car with Military crew
Light Utility Car with Military crew

We will be closing on Friday 18th for the holidays. The website will remain open over the holidays but we will not be despatching any more orders .

We will start despatching again on Monday 4th January.

We won’t be taking it easy, there are lots of moulds to make and new releases to working on ready for the new year.

Stay safe and have a Merry Christmas.

2 Beaverette Armoured Cars have been added to the Home Front section of the site. This is the standard version with Civilian and Military crews.

Built between 1940 and 1942 over 2’000 were produced. Used for home defence and training.

Early Republican Roman Hastati or Princepes wearing Pectoral Plate with sword have been added to the site.. RR13

Contains 8 figures from 4 variants.

Continuing to go through updating are stock of flags and decals. Hopefully more of these to come from Battle Flag soon. Available HERE.

Due to recent massive price increase, and lack of availability of the wire spears/lances we have been forced to stop suppling these with our mounted knights. Instead we will be supplying 50mm cast metal spears/lances as standard.

50mm Cast Metal Spears/Lances

The spears/lances are also available to buy separately HERE.

We will still be supplying the wire pikes for pikemen and standard bearers where appropriate.

This will take place with immediate effect.

Its advisable to get your orders in ASAP as with the current Covid situation things may take longer to arrive.

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New photos of the ECW cavalry in brimmed hats have been added to the site. Added a couple of weeks ago but just gotten round to mentioning it. Available on Walking or Galloping horses.

New additions to the C20th Follies range by Mark Fuller now available HERE.

  • MMother and Monstrous Son
  • Mullah and Deity
  • Mullah and Deity

2 Refugee carts and a runaway couple are now available. They can be found HERE.

The Bedford MW was a 15 cwt (760 kg) 4 x 2 truck. In production from 1938 the MW series saw service from 1939 until into 50’s.

This represents an early version as used by the BEF in France during 1940, North Africa, Greece and Crete etc. From 1943 the cab was enclosed with doors and perspex windscreen.

This is a resin and metal model.

Some assembly required. 

Read More

We will be remaining open during the announced new lockdown.

Despatch and delivery might slow down as we will not be visiting the post office as often.

Please stay safe and follow your local guidelines.

The latest additions to to the Home Front range by Mark Fuller are now in the webshop. Available here.

There will be more added to the Home Front range soon.

ECW cavalry with pistols ,wearing brimmed hats are now in the webshop.

Available wearing coat or coat and back and breast plates on walking or galloping horses.

  • ECW Armoured Troopers with Pistols, Brimmed Hat, Galloping Horses.
  • ECW Armoured Troopers with Pistols, Brimmed Hat,Walking Horses.
  • ECW Troopers with Pistols, Buff Coat, Brimmed Hat, Galloping Horses.
  • ECW Troopers with Pistols, Buff Coat, Brimmed Hat, Walking Horses.

This is the last of the new releases for now. Bren gun teams in covered helmets, Nco’s and Platoon/Company Command in plain helmets.

We’ve added the BEF 2″ Mortars in plain and covered helmets, along with the Boyes AT rifle team in covered helmets to the website.

  • 28mm BEF Boyes Anti Tank Rifle C
  • 28mm BEF Boyes Anti Tank Rifle C
  • 28mm BEF Boyes Anti Tank Rifle
  • 28mm BEF 2" Mortar Crew with Covered Helmets.
  • 28mm BEF 2" Mortar Crew with Covered Helmets.
  • 28mm BEF 2" Mortar Crew with Covered Helmets.
  • 28mm BEF 2" Mortar
  • 28mm BEF 2" Mortar
  • 28mm BEF 2" Mortar

I’ve finished adding all the various rule books we carried to shows to the website. Rule Books

Germanic warriors with spear
Germanic warriors with spear. 8 figures from 16 variants.

We’ve updated the Germanic Warriors with spear pack. Previousley it only had 5 variants and the mold was pretty much worn out.

We now have 16 variants based on the original masters.

We will be working our way through the rest of the Germanic range as time permits.


The first release towards our 28mm WW2 BEF range are now available HERE.

There will be more variations with and without helmet covers released soon.

  • BEF Bren Gun Team Advancing.
  • BEF Bren Gun Team Standing.
  • BEF Bren Gun Team Prone.
  • Nco's
  • Platoon or Company Command
  • 28mm BEF Riflemen.
  • 28mm BEF Boyes Anti Tank Rifle
  • 28mm BEF Company or Battalion Command.
  • BEF Field Telephone
  • 28mm BEF Vickers Machine Gun with 4 crew.
  • 28mm BEF 3" Mortar with 4 crew.

We will be adding AT guns and tows soon.

We also have a range of 1/48 tanks and armoured cars to support your BEF forces available HERE.

1/48 WW2 British Vickers Light Tank MKVIB

We’ve upgraded the Celtic 2 Horse Chariots.

There are now 4 different drivers and warriors. 2 different chariot bodies and 4 different styles of side panels. All supplied randomly from the variants available, If more than 1 chariot is ordered different models will be supplied.

Each chariot contains 1 driver , 1 warrior, 1 chariot and 2 horses. 

Includes weapons and shields as appropriate.

Follow this link to go straight to the product page. Celtic 2 horse chariots.

  • 28mm Celtic 2 Horse Chariot
  • 28mm Celtic 2 Horse Chariot
  • 28mm Celtic 2 Horse Chariot
  • 28mm Celtic 2 Horse Chariot
  • 28mm Celtic 2 Horse Chariot
  • 28mm Celtic 2 Horse Chariot
  • 28mm Celtic 2 Horse Chariot
  • 28mm Celtic 2 Horse Chariot
  • 28mm Celtic 2 Horse Chariot
  • 28mm Celtic 2 Horse Chariot

In the next couple of weeks we’ll be releasing a range of 28mm WW2 BEF for the Battle of France etc.

The Early Achaemenid Persian spearman and command with wicker shields have been updated with new photos.

PER01b available HERE.
PER02b available HERE.

Banner and shield transfers are by Battle-Flag and are available HERE.

From the Show organisers

Richard, Laurence and Steve

We have today contacted everyone on our traders, gamers and other exhibitors list with this sad news, but we will, once again, be running a #PartizanintheCloud event on the day! More on that soon!

After having cancelled the May Partizan we have spent the early summer watching the news and trying to work out whether or not we are going to be in a position to run The Other Partizan in its new October slot.We had hoped that there might have been a sufficient return to ‘normality’ for us to go ahead with the show without restrictions but it is clear that, even if a vaccine is as advanced as we are hearing over the last few days, there is no way that it will be ready and distributed by October. A return to normality in any meaningful way by the time of the October show is just not realistic and it seems there will be no large scale indoor events going ahead for some while yet.We have also considered whether it would be possible to run the show in a socially distanced, safe manner which would allow us to go ahead but with various measures and restrictions in place. We have considered ticketed time slots and various other measures but in the end they would amount to limiting the numbers of people who could attend with a serious knock on effect for the traders. We also know that many of those who put on games do not yet feel sufficiently safe that they would be happy attending an indoor event with many hundreds of people present – and that is if we were even allowed to go ahead, something that is not the case at present.

So as we did with the May show we have decided to make a decision early to allow people, particularly those who make a living out of the show circuit, to plan accordingly.

We are therefore announcing that The Other Partizan 2020 is cancelled. All being well our next show will be Partizan 2021 which will be held at Newark Showground on May 23rd 2021.We also need to deal with the refund of traders fees for those who paid prior to the May show. When we offered to return the fees from the May show no one chose to take us up on the refund and all monies were transferred to payment for October. We do not feel that it is right to hold on to the money any longer now that the October show is cancelled and so will be arranging to return all monies as soon as possible. Since we still have a horribly archaic bank account, we will be doing this by posting you cheques and these should be with you within the next couple of weeks. Please note that a fair few traders had still not paid by the time of the May cancellation so obviously not everyone will be getting money back. We will be planning on holding another Partizan in the Cloud on 11th October – the last one was far more of a success than we had expected so we are keen to repeat it and improve on it. We hope we will have your support in this and we will contact you separately in a few days to see if you have ideas to make this another great virtual event! Thanks for your ongoing support with the shows and I hope we will see you all again next May.

Best wishes

Richard, Laurence and Steve

We have been reviewing our P+P rates to keep up to date with recent price increases. We’ve keep them as low as possible and will continue to review them regularly and adjust if necessary. Rates can be found here.

Hope everyone is staying safe and painting lots of miniatures.

We’re still open and despatching orders. We have plenty of pewter and resin to keep casting.

There may be a slight delay in despatching your orders as we are not visiting the post every day, and the postal service is running a bit slower than usual. Please be patient and allow extra time for delivery.

We will continue to process and ship orders as long as the post office is still accepting packages.

Please stay safe and take all necessary precautions.

Salute 2020 Postponed

It is with deep regret that we must announce that Salute 2020, due to be hosted by the South London Warlords wargames club at London Excel on Saturday 18th April 2020, is being postponed.

The Club committee has taken this decision following the recent change in Government advice and with the likely ongoing uncertainty in mind. We understand that this will impact on many people, and therefore, as you can imagine, this decision has not been taken lightly or easily: we have balanced all the great things about Salute with the health risks to traders, gamers and attendees.

Salute will now take place on Saturday 17th April 2021.

We are in the process of contacting affected traders and gamers directly to discuss next steps.

All tickets purchased so far will remain valid and we will reopen ticket sales nearer the time.

The South London Warlords remain committed to Salute, having hosted the show for over 45 years. With the support of our traders and attendees, Salute has become the biggest one-day independent wargame show in Europe and an important event within the wargames calendar: we are working hard to ensure in continues as such.

Most importantly we hope all you and yours remain safe in these challenging times.

South London Warlords

The next batch of 28mm English Civil War cavalry are available .

Packs come as 3 mounted figures with horses

and separate sword hand for £10.

Read More

We now have 2 different cavalry commands available for the 28mm English Civil War.

Both are available on walking or galloping horses. Sword or pistol options included for the officers. Banner pole is included.

A11 Matilda MKIa Infantry Tank
A11 Matilda MKIa Infantry Tank

2 versions of the A11 Matilda MKI Infantry tank are now available.

2 Variants were produced early and late production models. Both were armed with either the Vickers .303 or Vickers .50 machine gun.

Both saw service with the BEF in France during 1940.

This is a resin and metal model.

Body and turret are cast in resin.

Tracks, hatches, lights etc.

We now have the first 8 packs of the ECW cavalry available.

All wearing Lobster Pot helmets, Buff Coat, Buff Coat with Back and Breast Plate, with Swords, Pistols Standing/Walking or Galloping horses.

Command and Troopers in various head gear to follow.

28mm Ecw cavalry
Buff Coat, Lobster Pot Helmet.

Check them out HERE.

We now have the first At Guns available for the Germans.All available with 4 and 6 crew or to buy as Guns or crew separately.

WW2G40a Pak36 AT Gun (Gun Only) £6 

WW2G40b Pak36 AT Gun with 4 crew £10

WW2G40c  Pak36 AT Gun with 6 crew £12

WW2G40/41d  Pak36 AT Gun Crew( 4 Figs) £6

WW2G40/41e  Pak36 AT Gun Crew( 6 Figs) £8 
German 1/48 scale Pak36 37mm Anti Tank Gun with Stielgranate.

WW2G41a Pak36 AT Gun, Stielgranate (Gun Only) £6 

WW2G41b Pak36 AT Gun, Stielgranate  4 crew£10 

WW2G41c Pak36 AT Gun, Stielgranate  6 crew £12 
German 1/48 scale Pak40 75mm Anti Tank Gun.

WW2G43a Pak40 AT Gun (Gun Only) £10 

WW2G43b Pak40 AT Gun with 4 Crew £14 

WW2G43c Pak40 AT Gun with 4 Crew £16 

WW2G43d Pak40 AT Gun Crew(4 Crew) £6 

WW2G43e Pak40 AT Gun Crew(6 Crew) £8 

We now have the first of our new 1/48 scale Anti Tank Guns available.

Starting with the Russian Zis2 57mm and Zis3 76.2mm Anti Tank Guns.

Crews will be available soon.

Next in line are German Pak36 and Pak40 Guns.

1/48 zis3 76.2mm anti tank gun
Zis3 76.2mm AT Gun.

1/48 zis2 57mm anti tank gun
Zis2 57mm AT Gun

New Payment Method added to the shopping cart.
We have added a new payment method for those not wishing to use Paypal.
Payments can now be made by Credit card using Stripe Payments.

Late Medieval War Wagons updated.

They are now available to buy without horses. Follow the link HERE.

28mm medieval hussite war wagon
Artillery Wagon

28mm medieval hussite war wagon
28mm medieval hussite war wagon

1/48 Universal Carriers.

The first of a range of Universal Carriers are now available in the shopping cart.

MKII Universal Carrier 1a £16

28mm 1/48 Universal carrier Bren Gun


MKII Universal Carrier Vickers MG 02a £16

28mm 1/48 Universal carrier Vickers Machine Gun

Eventually to cover all the main variants and probably a few of the less popular too.

Pictish 1pt packs suitabale for Saga added.

28mm pictish scotti saga warband

I’ve added 1pt packs for the Picts which are suitable for Saga.

Available HERE.

I’ll be adding Early Saxon and Romano British over the next few days and then move onto figures suitable for the Crescent and Cross.

New Resin debris and shelters, bases and foliage added.

An assortment of new items added to the shopping cart this week.

New from Pocket Scenics.

Rubble and Debris set of 4 pieces. £10

4 pieces of rubble and debris.

Cast in resin. Large 110mm x 65mm. Small 70 x 35mm.

28mm rubble and debris

Anderson Shelters set of 3. £10

3 Anderson shelters in assorted stages of completion.

Cast in resin.

Each shelter is aproximately 60 mm wide x 60 mm deep x 30mm high. 

28mm ww2 Anderson Shelters set

Facebook page HERE.

New round HDF Bases from Battle Flag.

40mm x 12 £2.25

50mm x 10 £2.25

60mm x 8 £2.25

Available HERE.


Tree Foliage by Javis Manufacturing.

Javis Light Green Tree Foliage

Light Green £2.00

Mid Green £2.00

Dark Green £2.00