28mm WW2 British Expeditionary Force (BEF) released.


The first release towards our 28mm WW2 BEF range are now available HERE.

There will be more variations with and without helmet covers released soon.

  • BEF Bren Gun Team Advancing.
  • BEF Bren Gun Team Standing.
  • BEF Bren Gun Team Prone.
  • Nco's
  • Platoon or Company Command
  • 28mm BEF Riflemen.
  • 28mm BEF Boyes Anti Tank Rifle
  • 28mm BEF Company or Battalion Command.
  • BEF Field Telephone
  • 28mm BEF Vickers Machine Gun with 4 crew.
  • 28mm BEF 3" Mortar with 4 crew.

We will be adding AT guns and tows soon.

We also have a range of 1/48 tanks and armoured cars to support your BEF forces available HERE.

1/48 WW2 British Vickers Light Tank MKVIB
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