The first release towards our 28mm WW2 BEF range are now available HERE.

There will be more variations with and without helmet covers released soon.

  • BEF Bren Gun Team Advancing.
  • BEF Bren Gun Team Standing.
  • BEF Bren Gun Team Prone.
  • Nco's
  • Platoon or Company Command
  • 28mm BEF Riflemen.
  • 28mm BEF Boyes Anti Tank Rifle
  • 28mm BEF Company or Battalion Command.
  • BEF Field Telephone
  • 28mm BEF Vickers Machine Gun with 4 crew.
  • 28mm BEF 3" Mortar with 4 crew.

We will be adding AT guns and tows soon.

We also have a range of 1/48 tanks and armoured cars to support your BEF forces available HERE.

1/48 WW2 British Vickers Light Tank MKVIB
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